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Air Bar Max Strawberry Mango Disposable Vape Flavors

Air Bar Max Strawberry Mango Disposable Vape Flavors

Air Bar Max offers a wide range of thrilling tastes to cater every vaper’s unique flavor palate. Besides grape ice, strawberry watermelon and cool mint, this disposable vaporizer also comes in a mouth-watering mango and pineapple fusion that satisfies your sweet tooth.

It has a pre-filled 6.5mL e-liquid and a high nicotine strength that delivers 2000+ puffs.


Air Bar Max Strawberry Mango is a refreshing fruit flavor that combines sweet strawberries and tropical mango for a delightful experience. The disposable vape e-cigarette comes pre-filled with a 6ml e-liquid and is ready to use out of the box. It delivers a smooth mouth to lung vaping experience and a subtle cooling sensation on exhale.

This device is ideal for those looking to transition from traditional smoking. It offers a low nicotine strength and has an easy-to-use design that makes it convenient and discreet to use. The device also includes a battery that lasts for hours and can be recharged when necessary.

The Air Bar Max Nex disposable e-cigarette is available in several delicious flavors. The Blueberry Ice flavor combines the tantalizing freshness of plump blueberries with the cooling taste of ice. The berry taste is very smooth and a great choice for those who like to enjoy dessert flavors. Another option is Pudding, which is a creamier option that will satisfy those who like to vape creamy flavors.


If you prefer the tropical taste of mango then this is a great flavour. Sweet and juicy strawberries with tropical and tangy mango is a refreshing combination for those who want a fruity vape without the heavy nicotine hit.

These disposable vapes contain a large 6.5ml of e-liquid, providing 2000 puffs for you to enjoy. They are pre-charged and ready to use. These vape devices are also QR-code verified for authenticity.

IndeJuice is proud to provide these high-quality and affordable devices to the vaping community. If you’re a first-timer to vaping or looking for a simple, convenient and portable device, then this is the perfect option for you. It’s also a great choice for those who are already vapers and are looking for a quality product that can be used on the go without having to worry about charging or refilling. These are a must-have for any vaper.

Mixed Berries

Air Bar Max is a popular disposable e-cigarette that features a range of mouthwatering fruity flavors. This flavor is a refreshing mix of sweet strawberries and juicy mango, providing a refreshing taste that is perfect for any vaper.

This flavor is available with an ice cooling sensation, making it even more refreshing. The flavor is smooth and luscious, with a subtle menthol flavor on the exhale.

Besides the strawberry and mango flavors, Air Bar Max has several other delicious dessert-like flavors that you can choose from. There’s pudding, which is a rich and creamy blend of classic pudding flavors that will delight anyone who loves consuming desserts.

Another option is Kiwi Berry Ice, which combines the flavors of ripe strawberries and tangy kiwi fruits for a smooth, satisfying vaping experience. There’s also Watermelon Candy, which is a sweet and juicy blend of fresh watermelon and sugary candy flavors. There’s also Red Bull Ice, which is an icy blend of the world-famous energy drink that will revitalize your day.

Cool Mint

Air Bar Max is a disposable vape pen that provides plenty of flavor and vapor. It comes in a variety of delectable flavors and has an internal battery that will deliver 2000+ puffs. It is also available in a range of nicotine strengths, so you can choose the one that works best for your needs.

For menthol lovers, there is a Cool Mint option that features a refreshing and frosty flavor. This is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a menthol-flavored experience without having to buy e-liquid cartridges every day.

Another popular option is the Sakura flavor, which has a mesmerizing grape taste that will give you a powerful jolt of energy. Finally, there is a pudding flavor that has a creamy and smooth flavor. This is a great option for vapers who love to consume desserts.